The group DURIEU

The story of a family to be followed on 4 generations...

Durieu is a family name, before being the name of a Group ; and indeed the story of this Group is one of a family company.

In 1923 Georges Durieu, great grandfather of current CEO Thibault Durieu, started importing and exporting non metallic car body parts including brake linings.

In 1933, his son Paul-Henri, chemist, started changing the direction of the company by developing and launching the first lubricant on the French market. That product was to help the dismantling of automobile body parts and at the same time reinforce the core business. Between the 2 World wars, Durieu became a specialist of maintenance products, especially with Transyl and Compensyl, whilst moving forward in the automotive field.

In 1956, The Flood Co, from the US, was looking for distributors for their rust inhibitor. Durieu started importing the product from the US and refilling in its own cans; and so Rustol was born.

In 1963, with volumes increasing, The Flood Co. decided to grant a manufacturing Licence for Europe. With General De Gaulle having decided to quit NATO, the licence was granted to the Norwegian Co. Olsen & Wang.

During the 1960's, Owatrol was born, and all European distributors were purchasing from Norway. Durieu however, had agreed that when volumes reached a certain level manufacturing would be allowed in France.

Early in 1970 that volume was reached, and production of Rustol was launched at a specially designed plant in Bondoufle, near Paris, France. Soon after Southern Europe was purchasing from Durieu's new plant in Bondoufle.

In 2004 The Flood Co offers Durieu, the opportunity take over the supplying of Owatrol products to absorb Northern Europe due to its modern manufacturing premises. At the same time a European distribution company is established in Barcelona - Owatrol International.

In 2006 Durieu became a shareholder in Owatrol International.

In 2008 the Durieu Group bought out Belgian brands Linitop & De Keyn and acquired the remaining shares in Owatrol International. Durieu now owns and controls all three brands, which have been developed, and promoted over the past 50 years.

In 2012, the Durieu Group was reinforced with a new production facility in the north of France, holder of all the labels and certifications of the profession: ISO 9001 (Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Safety), Ecolabel, NF Environment and ISO 14001 (Environment). The brands, Oxytol, Targol, Oxi, Elixiss... of the company Peintures et Chimie complement the other brands of the group.

Today, the Durieu Group has taken a new dimension, but without losing its values and roots. The company develops and distributes care products for wood and steel, for pros and general consumers in more than 50 worldwide.

And the story goes on ...

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