Water-based floor varnish special "Normal to intense usage”.



  • Water based, single component polyurethane colourless floor varnish.
  • Protects indoor wood subject to abrasion while preserving its natural colour.


  • Protects and waterproofs the wood. Enhances the woods natural beauty.
  • High resistance to abrasion, scratches, water splashes and marks. Ideal for bathrooms.
  • Withstands chemical products including ammoniated ones.
  • Dries and hardens rapidly. Odourless.
  • Non-slip. Easily washed. Does not yellow.
  • Satin appearance. Can be coloured (consult us).
  • Ecological formula of the latest generation: less than 5 % VOC.


  • Indoors.
  • Normal to intense usage.
  • Parquet, stairs, floors, work surfaces, etc.
  • Can be used on all wood types normally used for this type of structure.


  • Good surface preparation is essential for the final appearance of the finish.
  • Depending on the condition of the surface several sanding stages will be required: from grit 40 to 180. It is advisable to only use one grade at a time.
  • For a perfect result:
    • Apply Acryl Parket in the direction of the wood grain. Do 3 criss-cross passes in one application by facing the light and starting at the part opposite the door so as to progress towards it.
    • Start with the edges and then do the entire surface by working in zones of 2 metres by 2 metres.
    • Do not open the windows during application to avoid drying too quickly.
  • Coloured base before finish:
    • Apply a coat of Acryl Prim.
    • After drying and without sanding, finish with two coats of Acryl Parket, sanding between these two coats.
  • Precautions:
    • Do not cover the sealed surface with carpets or protective covers for 14 days after the application of the floor varnish.
    • Wait at least 48 hours before putting back furniture, protecting the legs with pads
      • Light usage (with care): 24/48 h.
      • Normal usage: 7 days.
      • Intense usage: 15 days.

Informations :

Coverage : 10 to 12 m²/l
Application tools : Brush, microfibre roller.
Application temperature : 10°C to +25°C
Dust-dry : 1 h.
Recoatable: 4 h.
Cleaning of the tools : Water

Container size :

0,75L - 2,5L
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