Oil for outdoor terraces



  • Colourless protection for outdoor terraces, wooden tiles, duckboards or vertical surfaces in tropical hardwood.


  • Impregnates and protects dense wood and/or stumpwood.
  • Thoroughly nourishes the wood.
  • Protection does not form a film.
  • Maintains the woods natural look.
  • Unlike teak or linseed oils it does not darken or form a crust on the surface.
  • Transparent, does not mask the wood grain.
  • Recommended for surfaces subject to abrasion.
  • Clean with soap and water.
  • Easy maintenance no need to sand or strip. Possible to do local repairs.


  • All tropical hardwoods (e.g: Bangkirai, Ipe, Teak...), except Azobe and Iroko.
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces (e.g: terraces, duckboards, boat decks, wooden tiles...).


  • To naturally degrease and deglaze a new surface, it is recommended leaving it exposed to bad weather for at least 2 months.
  • Bangki-Oil can be coloured with a universal colourant (consult us).
  • On vertical surfaces, always work from top to bottom.
  • Can also be used indoors (consult us beforehand).

Informations :

Coverage : 8 to 12 m²/l
Application tools : Brush, roller, spray gun.
Application temperature : +5°C to +35°C
Dust-dry : 24 h.
Recoatable: 48 to 72h.
Cleaning of the tools : White spirit.

Container size :

0,75L - 2,5L
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