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  • Also cleans cement stained by rust, discoloured stone and plastic.
  • Removes marks linked to bad weather, mould, rust…
  • Returns the shine to plastics that have become porous under the action of UV.


  • Gelified water-based cleaner.
  • Cleans and restores unfinished wood to its original colour.
  • Neutral - will not damage the surface.
  • Non aggressive - harmless to plants and shrubs. Biodegradable - solvent free (can be rinsed with water).


  • All greyed or dirty outdoor woods (resinous wood, pressure treated or otherwise, tropical hardwoods, thermo-heated wood, broadleaved wood…) not protected by linseed or teak oils.
  • Effective on all surfaces: terraces, duckboards, weatherboarding, chalets, boat decks, garden furniture…
  • Other surfaces: cement stained by rust, discoloured stone, powdery plastic.
  • Also used as a neutraliser on wood after using Wood Oil Cleaner.


  • If grey is not eliminated entirely this means that protection type teak oil, linseed or other has been applied previously.
  • In this case, apply the system Wood Oil Cleaner + Wood Cleaner.

Informations :

Coverage : 5 to 10 m²/l
Application tools : Synthetic brush or roller (long hair). Nylon brush with hard bristles.
Application temperature : 5°C to +30°C
Dust-dry : 3 days.
Cleaning of the tools : Water + detergent.

Container size :

1L - 2,5L
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