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  • Water-based protection to stabilise new wood outdoors with variable dimensions such as coniferous wood, pressure treated or otherwise, during its first year of exposure.


  • Stabilises and protects the wood during its first year of exposure to bad weather.
  • Essential for pressure treated wood.
  • Regulates the moisture and avoids resumptions of moisture while enabling the wood to gently deglaze.
  • Effective, including for those with surface glazing.
  • Considerably limits deformations and springing in the first months of exposure of the wood
  • Preserves its natural appearance while delaying greying.
  • Colourless, Woodprim is applied in a single coat.
  • After 6 to 12 months of exposure of the wood to bad weather yields a sound prepared surface before finishing with a saturating oil, stain, paint, varnish…


  • Resinous wood, pressure treated or otherwise: douglas, larch, red cedar, spruce…, broadleaved wood.
  • Recommended for chalets, weatherboarding, shutters, doors, frames, railings, fencing, terraces, duckboards…
  • Applied directly, before or after fitting, to wood dry to the touch. Not suitable for wood already exposed to bad weather for several months.


  • Do not apply to waterproofed wood.
  • To treat shingles, it is possible to soak them for 10 mn then let the product drain off.
  • On grey wood exposed to bad weather for more than a year, apply Wood Cleaner or Wood Oil Cleaner if the wood has already been oiled.
  • Always work from top to bottom on vertical surfaces.
  • If a spray gun is used, smooth with a brush as you go along.

Informations :

Coverage : 5 to 7 m²/l
Application tools : Brush, roller, spray gun.
Application temperature : +10°C to +30°C
Dust-dry : 3 to 4 h.
Cleaning of the tools : Water + detergent.

Container size :

1L - 2,5L
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