Special water resistant varnish



  • A colourless protective and decorative varnish for all woods used in maritime technology.
  • Combines performance and ease of application.
  • Special harsh and humid climates.


  • Decorates and waterproofs the wood. Protects it from UV.
  • Provides optimum protection of surfaces subject to intense and difficult climatic conditions.
  • Resists in particular various types of bad weather: fog, snow, rain, seawater…
  • Ideal for rooms subject to a lot of moisture (bathrooms) or for boats.
  • Enriched with flexible alkyd resins to resist the dimensional variations of the wood.
  • Easy to apply. Excellent brushing, flow and application properties.
  • Does not blister or flake. Washable.
  • Available in satin and gloss.
  • Colourless. Preserves the natural appearance of the wood.


  • Indoor and outdoor wood.
  • Protects and decorates doors, door and window frames, shutters, frameworks, weatherboarding, furniture, boats (above the waterline).
  • New or previously varnished wood, except wood types containing an anti-oxidant (eg: Iroko...).


  • Preferably use a short mohair roller.
  • To fill small surface imperfections:
    • Apply a coat of dilute Yacht Vernis. Allow to dry.
    • Apply a coat of Bouche-Pores. Sand lightly after hardening. Dust off.
    • End with a coat of Yacht Vernis. Repeat the operation if necessary.
  • Apply Yacht Vernis in the direction of the wood grain, criss-cross the passes and even them out.
  • Coloured base before topcoat:
    • Apply a coloured coat of Linitop Prim & Finish according to the recommendation (Do not sand).
    • After drying and without sanding, end with 2 coats of Yacht Vernis, sanding between these two coats.
  • For an optimum finish, round the corners of the wood by sanding manually. Dust off.
  • Pay particular attention to grooves and butts.
  • When applying by spray, always back-brush or back-roll to avoid runs and aid penetration of finish.
  • For the first coat, dilute with white spirit between 5 and 10 %, same when applying with a spray gun.

Informations :

Coverage : 18 m²/l
Application tools : Brush, roller, spray gun.
Application temperature : +10°C to +25°C
Dust-dry : 5 h.
Recoatable: 24 h.
Cleaning of the tools : White-spirit

Container size :

0,25L - 0,75L - 2,5L

Finishes available :

Satin - Gloss
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